Birthday ideas for you! (Read this before your next birthday)

(This is the first blog of my career.)

Yes. You read it right. If your birthday is about to come in a month or a week or less than that, this blog’s more relevant to you then anyone else. Birthday’s a moment of celebration for successfully completing a round of 365 days from your previous birthday. Its funny how humans have accepted this particular chain of 365 days as a benchmark for celebration. I celebrate my birthday every 30 days, yes! Keeping aside the analytics on why 365 days lets dwell into the purpose of having a birthday.

To the modern men and women of this era its a moment of happiness because of the countless number of wishes coming from all around, thanks to social media. Birthday celebrations all over the gram & snapchat – comments, likes and together with it a sense of happiness. Often it has been observed that birthdays come and go but we tend to forget to take time and look in retrospect to see how we have grown and changed over years. The celebrations, wishes, parties often makes us forget the very reason of having a birthday.

A good way to actually feel the vibe is by being gratitous and compassionate on your birthday. The feeling of gratitude beats all the feelings in the world. You may have tons of friends, followers and well wishers but nothing compares to the great satisfaction of helping the needy on your birthday. A practical way is by offering food to the roadside beggars, taking them to the McDonald’s and KFC’s, talking to them, listening their story, fuck it; take selfies with them.

Lets practice gratitude & compassion and motivate others to do the same. Just like any other trend make this very thing a trend a part of the global culture and spread happiness.

As the saying goes ” There are two most important days in a person’s life. The day they are born and the day they find out why?”


Author: varunpattani

From Mumbai India, Chartered Accountant student, writer by passion.

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